Online Short-Term Loans Without Guarantee: Possible or Not?

A loan without guarantee is a popular service among consumers, due to which they can solve financial problems as quickly as possible.

On the Internet, you may easily find a list of best online payday loans that are willing to provide loans without guarantee. Flexible terms of repayment, a minimum package of documents – all this is provided.

The choice is yours!

The advantages of obtaining a payday loan without any collateral are:

  • loans are issued without pledging;
  • the application process for getting money takes a few minutes and does not require many certificates and documents;
  • client’s request is reviewed within several minutes;
  • loan programs are drawn up individually for the borrower.

Basic Requirements

There is a number of demands for customers who want to get payday loans without pledging. They are divided into basic and additional ones.

The main list includes:

  • age of a client. In general, it can be any adult person. Anyway, as rule, at the time of lending the customer should be from 21 to 75 years (this option may vary in different companies);
  • a potential client must be a citizen of the USA and have the corresponding documents confirming this fact like ID.

If your priority is to receive more money, but you are not a regular customer of payday lenders where you would prefer to ask for a credit, then some additional rules are applied to such situation. Read several examples of what can be required:

  • you must have a total work experience of at least six months and at the same time have a job where you have stayed for 4 months;
  • official salary should be at the certain minimum level;
  • you must have a permanent residence and residence permit;
  • no more than 1-2 loans for large amounts in other MFOs.

How to Get Money and Repay A Debt

There are two ways to get what you need – in cash in the office of the financial company or on a bank card. Repay the debt through a personal account on the website of the MFO using a card. Another option is the self-service terminal. You can also pay at the cash desk of any US bank. The main rule is to do it on time.

It is important to keep in mind that when using banks or terminals for payments, money can go on the account during three days. At the same time, transfer through a personal account goes to the company within a few minutes.

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